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The New Shopify Checkout & Extensibility

The New Shopify Checkout & Extensibility

Upgrade from Shopify’s Checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility Before August 14th, 2024

As a Shopify Plus store owner, you're always looking for ways to enhance your checkout process and provide an intuitive experience for your customers. Checkout Extensibility is a mandatory upgrade and an exciting opportunity  for Plus Merchants to enhance and customize their checkout experience - with no developer necessary. In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know so you can use Checkout Extensions to revolutionize your online business. 

What is Checkout.liquid, and why it being depreciated? 

Checkout.liquid is a liquid theme file that is currently used to customize a Shopify checkout. Customizing the user experience of your checkout can elevate conversions and create a more seamless brand experience. The checkout.liquid theme file was only available to merchants using Shopify Plus. Checkout Extensions are also a Shopify Plus exclusive product.

While being able to edit the checkout.liquid had its advantages, it also came with quirks. Previously, Plus Merchants would get a notification every January about an upcoming upgrade to the checkout. Depending on your customizations, these upgrades could include breaking changes that left store owners reliant on a developer to fix the code before the upgrade happened. If you didn't upgrade in time, you risked a broken checkout. 

The New Way: Checkout Extensions

Moving forward, Shopify will upgrade the checkout for Plus Merchants on the same regular cadence as the merchants using Shopify core plans. The difference is that because you will no longer need to edit the checkout theme file, you won't need to worry about scrambling to make sure your checkout is functioning on the new version. Instead, you'll customize your checkout using Checkout Extensions.

Checkout Extensions are safe, frictionless upgrades. They act in a similar way to embedded apps within your theme, but on the checkout pages. Checkout Extensions can be easily implemented without a developer, just like installing an app.  

Checkout Extensions can also be applied to the Order Confirmation Page and the Thank You page. This change will be a second phase of the migration for Plus Merchants that have already moved to the new checkout, but are still relying on the checkout.liquid for post purchase customizations. Checkout extensions will make customizing your customer’s checkout journey easier and safer than ever before!

Note: migrating your existing checkout customizations to Checkout Extensions may require the help of a developer or agency. Please contact us if you need help with this upgrade. 

Key Dates for Checkout.liquid Deprecation

August 13th, 2024: Information, Shipping and Payment steps, and the Thank you and Order Status pages.

August 28th, 2025: checkout.liquid deprecation, script tags and additional scripts for the Thank You and Order Status pages will be turned off and no longer supported.

August 28th, 2025: Shopify Scripts will still work alongside Checkout Extensibility until August 28, 2025.  It’s recommended to start looking at migrating your Shopify Scripts to Functions sooner than later.  There are several Functions available today, and Shopify will be releasing more types.


Available APIs for Functions:

Delivery Customization

Rename, reorder, and sort the delivery options available to buyers during checkout.

Order Discount

Create a new type of discount that's applied to all merchandise in the cart.

Product Discount

Create a new type of discount that's applied to a particular product or product variant in the cart.

Payment Customization

Rename, reorder, and sort the payment methods available to buyers during checkout.

Cart Transform

Expand cart line items and update the presentation of cart line items.

Cart and Checkout Validation

Provide your own validation of a cart and checkout.

Fulfillment Constraints

Provide your own logic for how Shopify should fulfill and allocate an order.

The following Function APIs are available only in the Checkout Extensibility developer preview:

Order Routing Location Rule

Provide your own ranking of location, for each item, during order routing.

Shipping Discount

Create a new type of discount that's applied to one or more shipping rates at checkout.


Gone are the days of generic checkouts; now you have the power to create a personalized shopping journey for each customer.  Checkout Extensibility enables you to create customizations and tailor your checkout to meet your business needs, by adding apps and easily configuring them in the checkout editor. The initial migration will likely require the assistance of a Shopify agency or developer while future updates may be handled in house.

You can customize your in-checkout pages, which include: Information, Shipping, and Payment Pages, Thank you and Order Status pages using checkout extensibility.

Easily add checkout extensions to offer features like:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Custom fields and content
  • Custom banners
  • Add gift messages
  • Trust Badges
  • Order tracking and package protection
  • Upsell and Cross Sell Products
  • Expected Delivery Dates
  • Web pixel app extensions to track customer events

Post Purchase checkout extensions

  • Upsell
  • Discount Code for next purchase
  • Sign up for loyalty program
  • Survey or feedback requests

A full list of compatible, ready to use checkout extensions can be found here.

Here is a video example of Ask Kenna client Survival Frog’s checkout process with these recent checkout extension additions:


  • Cost savings - annual upgrades to the checkout.liquid cost time and money. With checkout extensions your checkout is upgrade safe.
  • Faster & more Reliable - checkout extensibility means your checkout will be faster, higher performing, and more secure than a customized checkout.liquid.
  • Shop Pay - did you know that checkout extensibility also works seamlessly with Shop Pay?  You have the option for extensions to work on the regular checkout and the Shop Pay Checkout, too.
  • Independence - with the new code free environment, there is no need for a developer.
  • Options - You can stick with a 3-step checkout or use Shopify’s new 1-page checkout. 

Check out an example of Survival Frog's One Page Checkout, accelerated by ShopPay.

By adding customized components, you can reduce the number of steps required to complete an order. Reducing steps ensures a smoother and quicker checkout experience. With extensive tools and strategies available at your fingertips, managing discounts, fixed dollar amounts, and other factors becomes effortless.

In just minutes, you can build a checkout page that has advanced branding customizations, and offer an intuitive user interface that guides customers through their purchase effortlessly. From building blocks to fully developed solutions, Shopify Checkout Extensions provides the flexibility and control you need to create a checkout experience that drives sales and boosts customer satisfaction.


Resources on Checkout Extensibility:

When you upgrade to checkout extensibility, you will have access to several new features including:

Want help migrating to the new Shopify checkout with extensibility?

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